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Progressive jackpot slot machines - become a millionaire in just a few seconds!

Spend a few cents and immediately become a millionaire? – Why not! Because of large number of slot machines with progressive jackpot in Frank online casino each player has a chance to win a record prize.

What are the slot machines with progressive jackpot? In fact, these are your favorite slots, however, the maximum possible prize size is constantly increasing – jackpot size increases with each coin in, not only yours but of the other players as well. Up to several thousand players may play any of such slot machines, that is why you may follow the rapid growth of the jackpot even on a real-time basis.

Size of progressive jackpots differs in Frank online casino slots. Some of the slot machines may really help you to become a millionaire in a few seconds: for example, jackpot of Mega Moolah and Dark Knight Rises slot machines combined is already above 2.6 million dollars! In other slot machines the progressive jackpot is much smaller and makes only a few thousand dollars. However, experienced players know that the smaller the jackpot, the bigger the chance to win it – so, don’t be afraid to get on a roll in such games.

Please note, that for hitting a progressive jackpot you should observe some provisions. For example, in such slot machines only those players may seek for the maximum possible prize, who make maximum bets per active line – usually, 5 or 10 coins. Even if you activate a single line and will put maximum number of coins, you may hit the jackpot – in this case the coin price will be the lowest. If you play high bets, and do not make max coin ins, placing 1 or 2 coin bets, you may not get the progressive jackpot at all – even if you luckily got the winning combination.

Slot machines with progressive jackpot is the only game in the online casino, which is available only IN real money play mode. If you want to compete for a huge prize, you have to play the game in a real money mode.